Šimon Lukašík (isimluk) wrote,
Šimon Lukašík

Foreman & OpenSCAP :: First UI Mock-ups

Let's see how the user interface of Foreman & OpenSCAP integration may look like.

We will heavily use word "Compliance" within the UI. It seems to more comprehandable than just OpenSCAP. The foreman_openscap plug-in brings in two main concepts:

  • Definition of comliance policy and

  • compliance report of particular asset.

Each of those gets one link from main hosts menu:

Similarly, foreman_openscap will introduce two new roles to Foreman's users: can edit compliance policies and can view compliance reports.

Compliance policies can be listed:

and created or edited by user

Once the reports are collected from infrastructure according to the policies definition they can be listed and searched.

For each report there are a very verbose detailes available.
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